Ms. M
Hi, nice to see you. I saw your name on the performer list of "Sexy Daytime Circus", so I adjusted my schedule. I was looking forward to see you! I first saw you on Last year's July, when there was a strong rain came right after your show. My husband and I was talking to you when we are escaping from the rain. During today's show, I was first fastened to your yoyo act. "Cool! So technical!" is what I thought. Please work hard to achieve your this year's goal. I think the history of Ouka is also only suitable in this kind of live stage. I like it because you do not just perform by your self, but you include the audience inside the story. Your last act, the ringarts, was very attractive. The glow rings, which I had been only able to see on videos, was also nice. Great to see your show where I can easily concentrate. You look even better on stage. Sorry, I went too long. Hope to see you again.

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