Ms. N
Today I saw both of your show. On the first show, I was able to be there 10 minutes early and It was a pleasure to see from your opening act. This is my second time seeing your performance in a shopping mall, and I was surprised that you talk a lot this time! I liked the scene when you toss the diabolo higher than the time I saw before. Thank you for letting us to take photo with you after the show. During the second show, I was happy to see the yoyo act that I saw on your live Oukaizm. I also felt happy seeing your dynamic diabolo act using cute, quick tune. I want to know the song you used. There was a lot of audiences today. I could hear people saying good things about you. I can see that you were putting the best effort you could to pass your message to the audience, and it filled me out. Forgive me of my long message. Thank you for coming and giving me great courage.

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