Ms. K
We've seen your show in Ena. It was so impressive and moved us to tears. The first time we saw the show, you changed the card in the hand of my son. The effect was very touching for him as well, and researched this website. He often enjoy your videos on the site, and giving applause in front of the screen! (Don't you think he's so cute?) I think it is also better if you talk about your dream in the beginning of the show. I understand that we live in society where it is very difficult to have a dream. I decided to go see your show with my son because I thought your performance has the power to encourage us. It definitely did had the power. I really appreciate. May be you won't come to Ena again, since it's so far from the city center, but I'm looking forward to see your show somewhere again. I wish your performance become active more and more. Thank you very much for giving us precious moment.

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