The Ouka's show is an Optical illusion performance, mainly consists of techniques of ringarts. Ouka will coordinate specialized composition for each event, from 1 minutes to 60 minuites. On this page I will describe his main numbers. Please contact us to see the video of some acts, since some of the numbers are not open to the public.

Ringarts with Music Notes

I find many people tend to think that I, Ouka, created the manipulation using multi-structured ring.
Honestly speaking, I did not invent it.
Since my ringarts act has rapidly spread around the world and became famous, the misunderstandings also spread consequently.

In fact, multi-structured ring manipulation has developed very recently.
Some artists mention that Around 2008 Ryan Mellow had performed manipulation using jointed rings (which now known as eight-ring, and I used to call them "synchro-ring").
Although I did not know about it, I made synchro-ring by myself on the summer of 2008 and tried some manipulations.
I made synchro-ring to try to realize the visual effect of "multi-ball vertical anti-spin", trick invented by Metra, using rings.
the synchro-ring I made does not differ from the eight-rings I use now.
However, the techniques had not developed fully at that point, and I manipulated in totally different manner; I used arm-based techniques which commonly used to isolate single hoop, although I use my fingers to manipulate the rings now.
Later on, I had a chance to see manipulation of Kotaro using hachirin, the alternate name used for eight-rings.
He had impressive variation of hachirin manipulation, and I asked him to coach me on his techniques.
I use custom-made rings to fit my slightly short fingers.
Nicolas had influenced me on the "triple hoop".
I arranged his triple ring to visualize the perfect 1:2:3 ratio to expand the variation of effects.
This arrangement, and also enormous amount of trial, lead me to invent new techniques which slides the rings in my hand.

I named the manipulation, using multi-structured rings, "ringarts" and published my first video, which became widely known around the world.

I believe that the principle of the artist is the actual act created.
The factors creating the act such as the shape of the objects, techniques, music, costumes, and many other contents work only as a fragment.
The audience enjoys the act as a whole.
As you can see by reading this page, I created my numbers from fragments influenced and coached by others.
I use my own, unique methodology to create my number, which I have strong confidence.
I managed to invent the methodology for the eight-rings quite early. An advice made by a staff of a TV production helped me to create the methodology for the triple hoop.
Audiences tend to judge the entire performance by very small fragments.
I make my acts, believing that I use the best methodology.
I think other performers also believe that their own act are the best.

I did not invent the multi-structured ring manipulation.
Still, I wish to create and perform the acts which can purely entertain audiences.

Shaw's pattern

Proposal of the Composition

An example of composition, from the performance in the reception party of Daido Life Insurance Company.

1.The lighting of the hall slowly darkens.

2.The digest movie of Ouka's performances on TV programs appears on the front screen.

3.The hall gets lightened, and Ouka is standing on the stage.

4.Ouka performs opening ringarts performance.

5.Ouka gives a greeting to the audience and introduces himself.

6.Ouka let the audience try ringarts, as he often does in TV shows.

7.Ouka performs the number "of me", an act using a prop which the audience must have tried in their childhood, and "EURO!", the speedy and audience uniting act.

8.Ouka performs "Ringarts with music note", well known as the act performed on the French national broadcasting.

9.After the performance, Ouka walks down to each tables and take pictures with the audiences.

This composition was intended to realize these purposes.

-Keep Ouka's performance secret till it starts to make the show surprising for the audience.

-Give two ladies to have chance to try ringarts.

-Come down to each tables to take pictures with the audiences.

Ms. B
We saw you twice yesterday! I saw the notification that you are coming, right after I saw your performance in TV program "The Showtime". We had been cherished great hopes to see your performance. It is much more entertaining to see shows right in front of it. My daughter and I was yelling "Wow!" and "great" so many times! I heard you came by bullet train. Kyushu must be far for you, but please come again!

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