The Ouka's show is an Optical illusion performance, mainly consists of techniques of ringarts. Ouka will coordinate specialized composition for each event, from 1 minutes to 60 minuites. On this page I will describe his main numbers. Please contact us to see the video of some acts, since some of the numbers are not open to the public.


New act from Ouka. Ringarts not using rings.
Lending a comment from an audience "Music, motion, and everything balances on a thin string of silk." The shape of the objects morphs to the music, and the motion creates unexperienced atmosphere.

Shaw's pattern

Proposal of the Composition

An example of composition, from the performance in the reception party of Daido Life Insurance Company.

1.The lighting of the hall slowly darkens.

2.The digest movie of Ouka's performances on TV programs appears on the front screen.

3.The hall gets lightened, and Ouka is standing on the stage.

4.Ouka performs opening ringarts performance.

5.Ouka gives a greeting to the audience and introduces himself.

6.Ouka let the audience try ringarts, as he often does in TV shows.

7.Ouka performs the number "of me", an act using a prop which the audience must have tried in their childhood, and "EURO!", the speedy and audience uniting act.

8.Ouka performs "Ringarts with music note", well known as the act performed on the French national broadcasting.

9.After the performance, Ouka walks down to each tables and take pictures with the audiences.

This composition was intended to realize these purposes.

-Keep Ouka's performance secret till it starts to make the show surprising for the audience.

-Give two ladies to have chance to try ringarts.

-Come down to each tables to take pictures with the audiences.

Mr. R
I'm a student in Sendai, and I went there with my friends for job hunting. Glad I was able to see your show. I was impressed! I have friends suffering from the recent earth quake, but they pulled themselves together and doing their best now. I think the fact there is a person like you, with great shows and emotions, will encourage them. So please work hard, I am looking forward to continue hearing your successful work.