Optical illusionist Ouka visualizes artistic scenery resembles to computer graphics.
In the past he had won the Japanese diabolo national championship.
He had also performed regularly as a magician at many places in Tokyo.
In spite of his successful career as a diabolo performer and magician, his effort with his comrades leads him to create his main number: the Ringarts.
Various media around the world, top news article of the Yahoo news and the Largest American broadcasting company cbs.com for the major examples, featured his unique and mysterious art piece, and his video on youtube attained more than 2 million views.
He then performed in over 20 TV programs, Nihon Television "The World Best Showtime!" for example.
Especially it is worth to mention the honor of performing in the French public national television, which only allows the best artists in the world to be broadcasted.
His magical and incredulous performance video interestingly lead an event organizer to almost cancel the booking because he thought the ringarts is virtual and impossible.
Kitano Takeshi and Tokoro George left comments on their TV show: "His act can entertain people wherever he goes." "We now found the real wizard." Ouka performs in over 20 countries using his various skills on performing arts to fully entertain the audiences.

at China International New Media Short Film Competition as a guest artist. He presents memorable ending by changing his rings to the shape of the celebration's logo mark. The Chinese national broadcast provided live coverage of his act.
at Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde produced by the French national television. Unlike many other performers, they broadcasted his act twice.
as an entrance performer for Shiki Theater Company's, the Japanese most famous musical company, the company known for presenting the Lion King and the Phantom of Opera.
for many parties of many celebrities; the marriage party of Toru Fujisawa, the author of GTO, a private party of Mr. Higuchi, the CEO of Microsoft Japan, a reception party of ELLEgirl, a famous Japanese fashion magazine, and many more.

Japan juggling Festival Championship Silver Prize
Japan National Diabolo Contest First Place
FEDC Extreme Diabolo Competition First Place
Passes the audition of Shiki Theater Company "A Dream within a Dream" as a lobby performer
Passes the audition of Tokyo Official Public Artist License "Heaven Artist"
Performed in "CROSSROAD -Gori-Muchu-"
Performed in "Juggling Outside of the Moat"
"Magic of MAGIC" Performer (The project of Agency for Cultural Affairs to develop outstanding artists in Japanese Artistic company)
Breathtaking Circus "ShikiSokuZeKu"
Performed in "Magic of MAGIC" (The project of Agency for Cultural Affairs to develop outstanding artists in Japanese Artistic company)
"Asian Performing Arts Festival"
Performed in "Shizuoka DAIDOGEI" (One of the biggest festivals of performing arts in Asia)
Performed in "Magic of MAGIC"(3rd time, which is very rare)
Performed in WJF World Juggling Championship Guest Showcase
Performed in Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde (French public national television: France 2)
Performed as a guest performer at China International New Media Short Film Competition
...and many more

[Japanese Television]
TV Tokyo "Mr. Tokoro presents, Something you can't learn in School 3-hour-special program"
Nihon Television "Zoom In! Saturday"
TBS "Hanamaru Market"
Nihon Television "Meringe's Emotion"
Nihon Television "The World Best Showtime! -How much will YOU pay for them?"
Nihon Television "World Great TV(Sekai Marumie Terebi Tokusobu)"
Nihon Television "Hiru Nan Desu!"
Nihon Television "ZIP!"
TV Asahi "Accusation! The Court-Appointed Lawyer" (Weekly Drama)
Nihon Television "Surprise"
Nara Television & Mie Television "Marchen(fairly tale) Production"(Performance and Technical Advisor)
TV Tokyo "45th Anniversary Drama 'Goodbye, Spring' "
TV Tokyo "Animation Explorer"
BS Fuji "Watche me TV x TV"
NHK "Sundio Park"

[Television Abroad]
TALPA (Holland) "Beat the Best"
Shenzhen Media Group (China) "China International New Media Short Film Competition"
France 2 (France) "Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde"
SBS (Korea) "Star King"

[Advertising Film]
Suntory & Shoten Collaboration T-shirt

Asahi Newspaper
Shizuoka Newspaper
Chubu Newspaper
Fukui Newspaper

Possible Situations and Lengths of Performance

The performance is possible between one to sixty minutes.
We suggest fifteen to thirty minuets in Japanese events.
It suits both in close up situation and large stage shows with more than thousand audiences.


Ms. N
Thank you for great live performance. I am happy to see your fantastic live. I only remember laughing and smiling during the show. Looking forward to see your next live.

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